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At Elli’s Farm, we have long-lasting expertise in premium extra virgin olive oil and olives production for many years. Our gold treasure is the authentic extra virgin olive oil Eliama Daily Value, which has been recognized for its finest quality in Greece and worldwide.
I am Elli and along with my daughter Vera, we are always pleased to welcome our visitors and share with them our expertise in extra virgin olive oil.
Our visitors become our friends and every year they always come back to us to experience once again an authentic olive oil tasting session in Crete, filled with love, passion, and Cretan Hospitality.


Discover the interesting world of extra virgin olive oil. At Ellis Farm we are a family owned farm and the production of the extra virgin olive oil is our expertise.
You will feel like home while we’ll guide you in the secrets of olive oil tasting and the healthy benefits of our extra virgin olive oil, Eliama Daily Value.
Offered in private group sessions within Elli´s Farm premises, our olive oil tasting sessions focus on a sensory analysis process through which you will explore and learn to recognize the intensities, aromas, flavors and various types of olive oil.
At the same time you’ll learn about the whole production process of our Eliama Daily Value.
Join our olive tasting session and you will find out what Cretan olive oil and Cretan Hospitality mean.
Food Pairing is included.


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From €70.00 / per Adult

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