Doulapi tis Yiayias (Granny’s Pantry)

Aegean Islands


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Up to 20 persons


“Delatola cottage industry” has been operating in Smourdia close to Ktikado on the island of Tinos for three generations. It all started in 1994 when Zozefina Delatola began supplying the local market with handmade pasta, starting with Tinos’ hilopites. A few years later, her daughter, Louisa, decided to open her own business in Athens, with all kinds of delicacies as her old grandmother’s cupboard contained. The business was named Doulapi tis Yiayias (“Grandmother’s Cupboard”). Later on, she returned to Tinos, driven by her love for her ancestral land and the desire to support her heritage.
“Our pasta is dried in Tinos’ natural climate for four days, and only when there was a north wind blowing (almost every day), as has always been the case with families from the olden days. As for the spoon sweets, these are made in batches of 4 kg, and not in larger lots, so as to preserve their flavor”, says Louisa Armacola, the younger.
Her grandmother, with whom she shares the same name and surname, was also engaged with the cottage industry.
“The workshop was my mother’s dream. She wanted a home with garden producing delicacies she could share with visitors. Today, tasting sessions at the Delatola cottage industry are available to everyone.


We receive visitors at our custom-designed workshop daily, where they are introduced to the traditional methods of production, giving them the opportunity to taste pure pasta, sauces, starters, authentic sweets, and spoon sweets.


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Tinos Traditional products: pasta, paximadi, delicatessen, sea fennel, tursi vegetables, koulouraki, jams & spoon sweets
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