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Up to 15 persons


Our wine range is composed of the sparkling Karanika Cuvée Spéciale and Prestige, produced by the traditional Champesoise method, our aged red Xinomavro/Limniona blend and our razor-sharp Assyrtiko white.
Karanika’s winemaking philosophy is that real quality is achieved only when there is complete balance in all aspects of the growing of the grapes and the winemaking process that imposes minimal handling of grapes and wines with few to no chemical additions. We follow and flow with nature, instead of trying to control it which means no pumping of must and wines, but gravity, piegage, with the only addition of sulfites and Montmorillonite clay to the wine, and ‘homeopathic doses’ sprays to treat the vineyard instead of fertilizers and pesticides.
We work according to Maria Thun’s biodynamic calendar in the winery and vineyard therefore our wines ‘breathe the terroir of Amyndaeo, are crystal clear, very aromatic with a considerable after taste producing no bombastic heavyweights but subtle and elegant wines.


The tour of our winery, located in the Amyndaeo PDO region, starts from a walk through the vineyard, where everything begins, and continues at the winery’s premises and the wine cellar including a description and a presentation of the techniques used to reach the final products.
It is completed with a wine tasting session.

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