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Domaine Foivos is the historical continuation of the Mantzavino Winery, the oldest operating winery in Kephalonia, which had given rise since the last century to some of the best Greek wines celebrated all over the world.
Foivos S.A., the new brand and owner of the winery, embarked on a new dynamic effort in 1999, making use of the ideal microclimate of Kefalonia to preserve, cultivate, and develop the local, indigenous Kephalonian grape varieties.
Domaine Foivos’ vineyards comprise rare clones of ancient grape varieties, such as Mavrodaphne, Muscat, Muscatel, Tsaousi, Vostilidi, Thiako, and Araklino, using very gentle methods and biodynamic approaches, and manage vineyards at the eastern part of the island, as well as in the region of Omala, to produce the well-known Kephalonian variety Robola.
At the same time, the old winery acquired modern equipment and combined the traditional winemaking methods with new ideas and aesthetics, under the absolute protocol and moral principle of natural wines: nothing is added, nothing is taken! A unique feature though of Domaine Foivos worth exploring is the underwater aging method of wines.


The winery has a pleasant tasting room and a Wine Museum one can visit, with an amphora storage space, an exhibition of copies of ancient drinking cups and photos of ancient wine vessels, and a retail shop to purchase wines at preferential prices.

Booking Options

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Duration: 20 min

Tour and Tasting of four wines

Duration: 1 hour
Minimun Charge: €18.00

Tour and Tasting of seven wines

Duration: 1 hour 30 min
Minimun Charge: €33.00


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