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Domaine D. Migas first bottled wine produced at the estate in 2001. The estate’s winery and vineyard, totaling 12 Ha, are located just 2 km. west of Tirnavos in a place named Paleos Ampelos, near the Titarisios River. The vineyard lays in a relatively flat area 100 meters above sea level and benefits a mild continental climate and good soil drainage.
The region named Paleos Ampelos (‘Old Vine’) asserts that this area has historically long been an area for viticulture. The estate’s main philosophy is to blend local tradition with state-of-the-art technology aiming to produce high-quality wines, typical of the region’s microclimate (terroir). In order to apply the latest available winemaking technology, aging and storing of wine, Dimitris Migas made a major investment by founding a model winery, unique in the region, and open to visitors. The estate’s tireless efforts were successful in recent years, proved by major awards earned in the most renowned international wine competitions.
Domaine D. Migas is open to all wine lovers and anyone wishing to get to know the world of wine and viticulture.


Visits consist of a short walk around the vineyard and a tour of the wine-production, bottling, and aging facilities.
Visitors can taste the estate’s wines in the special wine-tasting rooms while enjoying a spectacular view of the estate’s vineyard.


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From €8.00 / per Adult

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