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Up to 10 persons


DM Natural Farming is a natural farm that cultivates more than 20 medicinal herbal species. The farm is ideally located between a mountain and the seashore in the village of Kremasti on the island of Rhodes, the fourth largest and one of the most famous Greek islands, located in the southeastern Aegean.
The herbs are cultivated exclusively using natural farming methods, making it the first sustainable farm in Greece using such methods to produce top quality, limited quantities of herbs and natural cosmetics.
Natural farming uses natural materials for all its inputs, whilst observing and respecting the natural methods. Natural farming heals soil that has been by degraded by chemicals, herbicide and machinery. Where natural farming is practiced, the soil and water are cleansed and ecological balance is restored. Natural farming respects life and opposes human exploitation. Herbs are harvested by hand and dried with care, naturally, with no use of machinery. Our cosmetics are produced by mixing herbs with olive oil, in a month-long progress. Respecting nature is the best way to achieve top quality.
Our products have been presented in Greece and abroad, earning recognition for our work and spreading the reputation of Rhodian and Greek natural products.


Treat yourself to a healthy and refreshing experience!
Pamper your mind and body with this stress-relieving visit to our herbal farm.
• Taste herbal tea made from freshly harvested plants.
• Walk through the farm and get to know, smell, and touch the herbs where Michalis will explain the natural farming method that we use exclusively: absolutely no pesticides, no machinery, no fertilizers. Only hands, with respect for nature! Get familiar with the Rhodian herbs which have been cultivated on our land since ancient times and the era of Hippocrates, the world-renowned ancient Greek physician. Commonly used for medicinal proposes as well as in cooking, there will be plenty of information about their value both to health and well-being.
• The visit also includes hands-on engagement in the farm-work, depending on the season and time of day, or the production of our products.
• A walk around the nearby mountain area where we encounter wild and rare mountain herbs, after which we make a stop for light snacks at a picturesque spot.
• Our Tour is aimed at an audience that understands and appreciates nature. It is ideal for families or children groups.


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Herbs, dried herbs, natural bee wax
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Greek, English
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