Crystal Melody Flight, Dorodouli Tsipouro & Spirits Distillery

Thessaloniki - Perea,


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Ιnspired by stories, the authority of specialists, and the secret recipes for authentic distillates we created a series of unique products, and in particular for tsipouro that stem from our love for the flavorful development of traditional, authentic, ancient methods and recipes. In order to achieve this goal, the distillery research team decided to begin studying existing recipes and techniques for distilling marc. 120 different recipes were initially studied, archived, and left to “rest” for one year, with intermittent trials and evaluations. At the end of the trial period, 32 recipes were selected, of which 15 were chosen to be produced systematically.
Our mission is to approach and pass on this passion to subsequent generations, instilling new life and transforming local northern Greek distillation recipes into superior products. We manage and extend our requirements based on new green development standards and good resource management in an open company where “the spirit can distill spirits”.
We have created new prospects for the world-famous flavors of renowned alcoholic beverages. Our unique distillery, close to Thessaloniki Airport, produces 15 different premium spirits, especially distilled from grape pomace, or wine and made naturally with no sugar or additives.


Enjoy a guided tour through the distillation process, hosted by one of our dedicated staff, and gratify your palate with a tutored tasting of seven selected premium spirits matched beautifully with a selection of Greek snacks to witness the excellent quality of our distillates!
*This tour has to be booked at least two days in advance.


From €33.00 / per Adult

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From €33.00 / per Adult

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