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The history of the raisin is directly linked to the industrial history of the region. Our museum is a well-spring of education and civilization, earning kudos from the people who have visited it and experienced a guided tour of its exhibits. It should be noted that we have preserved the business’ archives, offering insight into the business history of the Couniniotis family, without gaps or discontinuities. The archives are unique in that few comprehensive records of raisin traders have been preserved, and those that have contain many discontinuities.
Since its beginnings in the 19th century and for five generations, the Couniniotis Group of Companies, located today close to Aegio, has been 100% Greek-owned.
Since 1876, we have specialized in collecting, processing, packaging and exporting currants and sultanas, as well as a variety of dried fruits that originate from around the world. Cultivated since antiquity at an altitude of 300-850 meters, the vines are tended by local vine growers with special local knowledge and a dedication to quality.


Visitors have the opportunity to see the company’s raisin museum with an impressive collection of machinery, objects and archives and then be guided at the production premises.
A tasting session concludes the visit.


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