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Our dairy is located on the hillside at Agios Lazaros, just ten minutes from the town of Mykonos. We are very proud of our cheeses, as well as our use of new technologies in sustainable and environmentally friendly cheese production facilities. Our family took the first step many years ago when it began making cheese and yogurt with milk from its own herds in order to meet the daily needs of the large number of family members. We recently created a novel cheese on the hill of St. Lazarοs, inspiring us to develop our small dairy into an integrally structured production process which preserves the key elements of tradition. Continuing the family history with the same vision of producing fine products, we collect milk from selected herds and with gusto make cheeses, yogurt, rice pudding, kopanisti, and other dairy products, always maintaining our vision of quality. We maintain what we have learned by insisting on quality and taste so as to offer our guests a full and superior taste experience. Our production process combines traditional techniques with today’s requirements. Large rooms with stainless-steel containers where the milk coagulates and cheese is cut coexist harmoniously with the aging rooms. Our dairy is dedicated to quality and the certified knowledge of modern methods that ensure healthy enjoyment and trust in the cheese making methods. In this way, our dairy preserves the local character of our cheeses and continues the long and rich history of Greek cheese-making, awakening pure and authentic flavors and honoring tradition. Remaining faithful to the art of curing and to the authenticity of taste, we honour and respect tradition. All cheeses and dairy products we make are handmade and without preservatives.


Upon arrival, you will receive a warm welcome with a farm tour and cheese tasting (4 different cheeses). Then start your cooking class. In cookery classes, you get tips and advice you don’t get from books or videos!  Learn how to cook some local traditional dishes while the chef will help you master techniques and share with you secrets that usually go from mother to child.

 The cooking class constitute 9 different plates plus wine:

 • Kremidopita (Onion pie) 

• Authentic Myconian Pie with Tirovolia (mykonian soft

cheese) onions and dill

• Mostra: Barley rusk topped with kopanisti (local spicy

cheese spread) and fresh diced tomato, drizzled with olive oil

and sprinkled with oregano 

• Keftedakia (meat balls): traditional Myconian recipe. 

• Tzatziki (yogurt sauce with cucumber and garlic) 

• Saganaki fried cheese (fried gruyere) 

• Greek Salad with Xinotyro(mykonian soft cheese) 

• Tsimpita: small pies with Myconian cream cheese,

cinnamon and honey 

 After the cooking class, you will get to enjoy the delicious meal that you and chef prepared.

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