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Karoubalis company is a family-owned business, located in Madena, 15km west of Kalamata, in Messinia prefecture, active in the production and standardization of olives and olive oil since 1960.
Adhering to EU standards and having the requisite certification, the company produces high-quality products of the Koroneiki olive variety, such as agoureleo, a natural olive oil from unripe olives of green color, Kalamata PDO olive oil, and organic products, labeled under the brand AENAON and ORISON.


The activity includes:
• Gathering of the visitors in the outdoor areas of the estate
• Welcoming event with fruit juice and Greek shortbreads with olive oil
• Presentation on the history of the olive over time, of olive harvesting, and of the production process
• Presentation of the nutritional importance of olive oil for the human organism and the ways the oil is used
• Brief historical review of our business and presentation of our products
• Cooking and use of olive oil in food. Visitors take part in a cooking experience
• A certificate for the best chef and taster will be given.
• Return to our facilities
• Brief historical review of our business and presentation of our products
• Visit to the production area and explanation of the process
• Product purchases
*The program may change depending on the weather.

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Extra virgin olive oil, green olive oil, olives, olive paste, olive spoon sweets, olive jam
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Tour Languages
Greek, English

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