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The Mitato Farm Mushrooms Pleurotus mushroom culture premises are located in the village of Sounio, in the Prefecture of Xanthi, Thrace. The location has been selected based on strict environmental and microclimate criteria for growing mushrooms with stringent sanitary conditions to reduce the risk of contamination during the production and packaging process.
The organic chaff of hard-grained wheat is the substrate (where mushrooms grow) for the Pleurotus mushroom, and is specially processed and kept under high hygiene standards (on-site sampling tests, with physicochemical analyses in accredited laboratories), to guarantee its optimal condition, while being enriched in nutritional value in an eco-friendly way, replacing the chemical fertilizers in the same way this happens in nature, where the Pleurotus mushrooms grow on trees. In fact, these same conditions are provided in a simple container of compacted chaff to enrich its nutritional value.


Following a short instructional session, visitors join us participating in the collection of mushrooms from the production containers, as well as in the standardization and packaging process of the Pleurotus mushrooms in our sorting and packaging premises.


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Fresh Pleurotus mushroom, fresh black truffle, dried mushrooms, mushroom spoon sweet, Pesto sauce with Pleurotus mushroom, marinated Pleurotus mushroom, pasta with wild mushrooms, kouskous with wild mushrooms, olive oil with black truffle
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From €11.00 / per Adult

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