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The fertile soil of Chios is our most valuable asset and yields fruit on its own terms. We will take only as much fruit as it gives us, because we give priority to the sustainability of our island’s producers. When the fruit leaves the trees, it reaches our factory, an ultra-modern, integrated production plant including both juicing and processing-packaging units, a vertically-organized juice production plant, which means that we start with our own citrus trees, squeezing our own citrus fruits, and then produce the final product. This gives our products their unique flavor, with excellent quality and high vitamin content. The production process reaches completion with aseptic packaging. We are proud producers of 100% fresh, non-concentrated NFC (Not from Concentrate) juices, 100% concentrated FC juice, and fruit beverages. The unit operates with the guarantee of Τetra Pak® aseptic technology. The same high standards apply to the production and packaging of our soft drinks (in PET and glass bottles), which takes place in an external certified plant.
A tasting concludes the visit.


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