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Canyon Picnic, Hiking, Tour at Afianes Winery

Aegean Islands


~ 5h
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Up to 8 persons
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Explore the wild Ikarian nature by hiking to the Chalaris Canyon before visiting the Afianes estate for a wine tour, tasting session, and family style lunch/dinner.
Dive deep into nature by following a hiking trail that leads you to the Chalaris canyon. Explore the natural herbs that line your path until you reach a breathtaking viewpoint on the canyon’s hillside. Enjoy a relaxing picnic with local Ikarian delicacies as you take in the river views in this serene setting and let the natural aromas, textures, and colors overwhelm your senses.
Continue your nature quest as you hike back to Afianes Winery where you will be greeted with refreshments, and given a tour of the winery, and guided through a wine tasting session. Discover the cultural area of the estate, the “pithostasi” where wine is fermented and aged in clay jars, the granite press, and the pirate stone house. End your day with a multi-course family-style lunch or dinner at the winery as you relax and take in the view.

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