Canava Santorini 1974

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Canava Santorini was established in 1974 on the island of Santorini by Evangelos Lygnos.
Today his son, Loukas Lygnos, produces Canava Santorni’s fine spirits based on the same principles and the same local ingredients. The same recipes passed down over generations and are still being used. Since 2012, Canava Santorini moved to its current facilities. Despite the fact that the production line meets the highest modern technological criteria, our distillation methods and our stills are traditional. Here at Canava Santorini, a slow procedure is followed to prepare the spirits in handmade Greek copper stills, spirits, distinguished by their aromas, flavour, and exceptional quality.


Visitors can walk through narrow paths, arrive at the square and the café, see the distillation methods of a bygone era and observe, through half-open doors and windows, Santorini’s recent history.
We have recreated the workplaces and living spaces of the people of Santorini of the recent past in the Canava Santorini distillery museum. Every room is replicated using original items that we tirelessly collected over the years.

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