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Canava Roussos, the oldest winery on Santorini, was founded in 1836 to produce high quality, aged wines which uniquely express the characteristics of the numerous varieties of Theran grapes. Decades of experience have passed from generation to generation, manifesting the island’s wine-making skills with consistency, continuity and respect. Born from a volcano, Santorini’s inhospitable yet inspiring eco-system has for centuries been unique.
Today, Roussos family’s sixth generation, adhering faithfully to the island’s traditions, values modern technology and aims at creating wines with distinctive flavors and bouquets by selecting fruit of the highest quality from the island’s renowned varieties: Asyrtiko, Athiri, Aidani, Mandilaria and Mavrathiro.
Our journey continues with tradition and quality as our compass.
Wine tourism is one of the most important areas of tourist development in our country, not to mention Santorini, an island that sports one of Europe’s oldest vineyards and earning an increasing number of awards from international critics, but also praise from visitors. It is a field which we support with honesty and endless love, given its importance to the island, its tradition, its history and especially to producers like ourselves.
We invite you to discover why, in Santorini, wine history is measured in millennia rather than decades!
Canava Roussos, a genuinely local venue, takes you back to a time of authentic taste. We aspire to become Santorini’s favorite tasting experience.


During the warm season, from April to October, the Roussos family and team has been receiving visitors on a daily basis over the past thirty years at the winery in the Episkopi – Mesa Gonia region, guiding them around the facilities and introducing them to the unique flavors of the Theran earth.
Arrange a guided tour, a tasting of the Theran products and wines among a variety of young and aged ones: Vinsanto Roussos, Santorini Roussos, Nykteri Roussos, Rivari Roussos, Caldera Roussos, Athiri Roussos, Mavranthiro Roussos, and Nama Roussos. Canava Roussos will prove a challenge to wine buffs as they stroll among the barrels.
You can arrange a guided tour that includes tasting some of the island’s specialities and wine samplings from several different newer and older vintages.

Booking Options

  • Tour and Tasting

    • Tour: Free of charge • For our aged wines, tasting is charged by the glass. Individuals can taste among a number of different vintages. This may vary between 3€ - 6€ per glass • Complimentary to the wine sampling are dried fruits and nuts, paximadi, local products such as sundried tomatoes, home-made tomato paste, subject to seasonal availability, and olives. • Extra charges: water, soft-drinks, café etc 1.50€/pc

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