Boat Tour at the Fish Farm of Messolonghi with a Meze


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Stefanos is a professional fisherman based in the holy town of Mesolonghi, at the traditional premises of a natural fish farm. According to the seasons he fishes outside the lake, in the open sea with nets, longlines, and fishing light. His catches are generally grey mullets, breams, sea bass, eels, soles, blue crabs, cuttlefish, and octopus. In his free time, he takes visitors on his boat to the beautiful and unique lake of Messolonghi a place with unique flora and fauna, natural habitat for many fish and birds.


Visitors will be given a primer into the fishing culture that has thrived there for centuries in this shallow body of sweet and saltwater serving as a wintering refuge and spawning area for sea bream, eel, octopus, and blue crab among other species. It is also a refuge for several sea birds including flamingos.
You will take a small boat from the docks across the clear warm waters of the lagoon to the pole house and processing hut of your guide Stefano, motored at a leisurely pace where he cleans, processes, and stores the various species he catches and sells to customers as near as local restaurants and as far away as Japan.

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From €18.00 / per Adult

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From €18.00 / per Adult

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