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Bird Watching at Bottarga Stefos

Central Greece


~ 2h
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Up to 60 persons
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Treat yourself with a peaceful trip to Mesolongi’s lagoon, known as one of the richest natural fish-producing areas of Greece. The lagoon lies between the delta of the Acheloos and Evinos rivers.
Mesolongi’s lagoon is a national park and it is protected by the Ramsar and the Natura 2000 Conventions. The lagoon is a small “Noah’s Ark” with broad biodiversity, where almost 270 species of birds find shelter and live. Thanks to its safe shallow waters, not exceeding 80cm in depth, birds can find plenty of food among the 36 fish species that live and breed there. The ecosystem also supports 23 species of reptiles and many mammal species.
You will wander among reeds, sand dunes, salt marshes, and mounds so as to meet the herons that live there the year-round, as well as coots, who visit in the summer, wonderful avocets in the saline area, flamingos and of course the magnificent Dalmatian pelicans.

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