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Visit our ecological farm, situated by Lake Korission on the southwestern coast of the island of Corfu, off the coast of western Greece. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, a peaceful environment, and open horizons are two traditional houses, equipped with modern facilities, and a restaurant. Children, as well as adults, will become familiar with farming tools of the pre-industrial era and with farm animals. If you feel like exploring, you can hike through the sand dunes of a beautiful “blue flagged” beach, where numerous watersports take place, such as windsurfing, wave skating, along with swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, sand-castle building…you name it! At night, you can use the telescope to observe the night sky and enjoy good homemade food and wine…


Visitors can wander about the olive groves and gardens of our 7-hectare estate and participate in several activities presented further.

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From €23.00 / per Adult

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