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Antonopoulos Farm is located in Thessaly, close to Farsala on the slopes of Mt. Narthakio in Dilofos, Ancient Fthia, a spot of great natural beauty. It consists of an area of hundreds of acres in a hilly region, at an altitude of about 380 to 630 meters.
The farm cultivates cereals, legumes, vines, tomatoes and other produce and has its own facility for processing, packaging, and storage. The company implements a standard raw material management system.
Antonopoulos farm has been engaged in organic farming since 1985 and is the first company in Greece to be certified as organic, holding certification serial number 1.
Antonopoulos Farm uses exclusively traditional native and ancient varieties that have been passed down from generation to generation.
The farm has brought back to market many varieties of local seeds that were at risk of genetic adulteration or extinction, as well as crops that had disappeared from Greece (such as buckwheat, linseed, millet, sorghum, and others). We combine age-old farming practices with the latest technology where needed (e.g., for sanitary processing, packaging etc.). By doing this, we have created a range of products with standards of quality and unique nutritional value, and which are perfectly compatible with the human body.
Our products contribute to the harmony of body and soul, led by “zea” and “ptisani” (the peeled barley suitable for gluten-intolerant consumers), as well as by those with our distinctive ‘tutankhamun’ products.
The treatment with ptisani for almost all diseases, especially of the acute (severe) kind, was very common in ancient Greece, where two kinds of decoctions with ptisani were made: one with “whole ptisani” containing all the seeds of the peeled barley, and the other (called “porridge”) prepared in the same way, except that it is drained to make it more digestible. Treatment with ptisani was widespread even before the time of Hippocrates, the father of medicine.


Visitors to the estate will enjoy the scenery as we take them on a tour of the fields and explain our cultivation methods, our philosophy regarding local seeds, and the power of archetypal nutrition.
The tour includes guidance through the company’s facilities to see the various stages of the production process.
Finally, visitors can taste and purchase some of our products like wafers, grape juice, paximadi, flakes, and flaxseed.


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Legumes, flour, pasta, bulgur, trahana, flakes, bran, wafers, millet, flaxseed, buckwheat, sorghum, sesame, anise, lupin, tomato sauce, wine, tsipouro, vinegar, balsamic vinegar, petimezi, grape juice, coffee substitute
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From €3.00 / per Adult

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