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Anhydrous Winery, established in 2021 by Mr. Apostolos Mountrichas, the renowned winemaker of Avantis Estate, was born out of his love for Santorini and the remarkable Assyrtiko grape. Inspired by the island’s distinctive character, Mr. Mountrichas embarked on his Santorini project in 2012, driven by a philosophy centered around exploring ancient winemaking techniques to create contemporary wines that truly showcase the purity and unique qualities of the grapes. These exceptional wines embody the profound connection to the anhydrous land of Santorini, characterized by its majestic earth, volcanic activity, abundant sunshine, refreshing sea breeze, and the essence of the Cyclades, thereby reflecting the unparalleled PDO terroir of Santorini. Anhydrous wines are crafted with utmost care and dedication to capture the raw beauty of Santorini.

Situated in the picturesque village of Exo Gonia, Anhydrous Winery is exclusively dedicated to wine production. Additionally, the Anhydrous Cellar Door, our visitor center, is conveniently located in Fira, just a 10-minute walk away. Operating from April to October, this multifunctional venue is wholly devoted to wine, offering guided tours, interactive wine tastings, innovative food and wine pairing experiences, delightful lunches at our restaurant, and rejuvenating grape cosmetic sessions.

Our winetourism program has earned a well-deserved place on the “must-do” list for Santorini, thanks to our commitment to authentic Greek hospitality. Our passionate team extends a warm welcome to all wine enthusiasts, inviting them to embark on a unique wine-tourism journey that celebrates wine culture. The serene Cycladic courtyard, which once served as an open-air cinema and was transformed in 2009, now serves as our enchanting venue for guided tours, lunches, and cooking lessons, nestled amidst our expansive oak and concrete oval tanks.

At the Afoura cellar, visitors can immerse themselves in the traditions of Santorini, surrounded by clay maturation amphorae. The Anhydrous Cellar Door offers wine tastings, complemented by our kalosorisma dip (a small complimentary appetizer that symbolizes a warm welcome) or paired with traditional Greek meze appetizers. We also provide cooking lessons, private wine tastings, and exclusive meals. Located in the southern part of Fira, just a short 10-minute stroll from the city center, the Anhydrous Cellar Door offers an unparalleled wine-tasting experience, inviting guests to savor the essence of our exceptional wines in a truly unique setting.

Tour and Tasting 

Our knowledgeable team of oenologists leads the tour, offering valuable insights into viticulture and the intricate wine production process. They guide visitors through the premises, providing ample information along the way. The tour culminates in the cellar, where wine aging takes place in “afouras” (the distinctive large Santorini wine storage barrels found throughout the island) and clay amphorae. Here, guests are invited to indulge in a wine tasting, accompanied by the opportunity to have their questions answered.

After the tour, visitors can partake in a guided tasting session led by our experienced sommelier, where they can explore and savor three different wines, each with its own unique characteristics. Our serene Cycladic courtyard, once an open-air cinema, now serves as a tranquil setting adorned with afoures.


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