Anagnou Pasta

Arachova - Delphi,
Central Greece


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The Anagnou traditional pasta workshop founded at Distomo, not far from Arachova, and half an hour from Delphi, in 1980 by Mrs. Kiriakoula Anagnou is a small family business aiming to produce fresh pasta using fresh products (semolina, eggs, and milk) without the use of any preservatives or dehydrated ingredients, like powdered eggs or milk.
Anagnou Pasta obtain its ingredients from second and third generation farmers, as well as family-run businesses whose principles and goals conform to ours.

Guests are invited to visit the production facilities. If the visit occurs on a production day, they can experience the entire process.
With a three-day notice, visitors have the opportunity for a tasting session.
They may also buy fresh pasta directly from the workshop, as well as create their own using their own ingredients or ours!

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From €7.00 / per Adult

Pasta with fresh goat milk and eggs, pasta with tomato and onion or spinach, whole- wheat pasta, sour trahana
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From €7.00 / per Adult

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