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Bold Blend Flight, Dorodouli Distillery



~ 1h 45m
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Guided Tour

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Up to 50 persons
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Our master distiller invites you to explore the new generation of the Greek tradition and to discover our “Philosophic Stone” from our Classico and Alchemestes collections. Enjoy a unique guided tour of the distillery’s premises to witness the distillation process and a tutored tasting of some of our cask strength expressions including a tasting straight from the cask, a premium tasting revealing the expression of our spirits accompanied and paired by the most selected delicatessens, a journey of in-depth nosing.
Enjoy the extraordinary edition of brandy in the luxurious ambiance of the Alchemists Club-room of Dorodouli Tsipouro & Spirits distillery.
*This tour has to be booked at least two days in advance.

Minimum charge: 240€


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Tsipouro, distillates, distilled spirits, brandy, aperitif, aged spirits
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Greek, English, Italian
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