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Up to 40 persons


Our love of nature and respect for history and tradition has linked our family and the vineyard since 1936, when Thomaidis Sotiris began selling the grapes of his vineyard. This family tradition was born and developed in the community of Piperia in the region of Aridaea, not far from Edessa, in the prefecture of Pella, on the road to the Pozar therapeutic springs.
The winery and the distillery are housed in a stone building near the vineyards, putting the production process under the guidance of family members.
The family’s hallmark wine and tsipouro symbolize of the land of Piperia.


The winery receives visitors for guided tours to the wine production and distillation premises to learn the wine’s and tsipouro way of production, as well as at the vineyard. A tasting follows.
Guests can also pet the family’s horses.


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Wine, tsipouro
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