Close-up of Greek ‘Tzatziki’ means yogurt with pieces of cucumber

Tzatziki is an appetizer of the Greek cuisine. It is Turkish in origin and its name derives from the Turkish word cacık, which is why it was once called satziki in Greece. Its main ingredient is strained yogurt, to which grated cucumber, minced garlic, dill and some olive oil are added. It should be refrigerated […]


Close-up of rows of rolls of Greek ‘Tzevremedes’ are made of filo filled with fresh cheese

Tzevremedes are made of filo filled with anthotiro in variations that differ for each occasion. They are a beloved sweet, especially in Crete, and served mainly during the pre-Lenten carnival. They are also called boureki with anthotiro or with mizithra cheese. A simple sweet that is fast and easy to make, plain or syrupy, with […]


tzigerosarmas Gastronomy tours - Gastronomy Tours

A delicious traditional Thracian meze, which along with kavourma are the two most meat-containing typical dishes of Thracian cuisine. The name contains the words tzigeria and sarmas, which means liver wrapped in suet and baked in the oven. The secret of success is wrapping with the suet, which keeps the filling juicy while giving the […]