Pan with Greek ‘Tigania’, pieces of meat, and fried in a oil with pepper and herbs, and slices of white bread in the background

Tigania is a dish and meze of the Greek cuisine. It is made with pieces of meat, typically pork or chicken, and fried in a little oil with salt, pepper […]


Bowl with Greek ‘Tirokafteri is a cheese-based spread with fresh green leaves on top

Tirokafteri also known as ktipiti in some regions, is a cheese-based spread. Its preparation may vary from region to region, but ingredients most commonly include feta cheese (sometimes combined with one or more other types […]


Close-up of small Greek ‘Tiropita’ is pies made of dough, and filling with white ‘feta’ cheese

Tiropita is a pie made of dough or traditional filo, and with a filling usually made with feta, cheese and egg. A very popular fast food, it is often eaten […]


In Euboea, the locals always accompany their lunch or dinner with a special kind of tiropita called tiropitari. It is a traditional fried cheese pie of incredible taste, with a […]


Bowl with Greek ‘tirosalata’ is salad with feta cheese and olive oil, pepper and garlic with smooth texture

Tirosalata is one of the most popular appetizers and delicious side dishes for grilled meats! It is easily made for enjoyment as a meze with wine or ouzo. We break […]


Bowls surrounded by wooden twigs with tirovolia’ is a fresh cheese and is unsalted and creamy, with a sour taste

This is a fresh cheese from sheep, goat, or mixed milk, and is unsalted and creamy, with a sour taste, and should be consumed while it is fresh. It is […]