Balls of thilikotiri Naxos cheeses on wooden surface

Thilikotiri (female cheese) Perhaps less known than Arseniko – the emblematic cheese of mountainous Naxos – Thilikotiri owes its name to the way it is prepared and its special characteristics, which in the old, patriarchal societies, corresponded to female nature. Because, while the former is produced from whole milk and is characterized by its strength […]


wicker basket with ‘Throumba’ olives are wrinkled, edible black olives and dry wheat ears in the background

Throumba olives are wrinkled, edible black olives. Following harvesting, the olives are washed and salted. Traditionally, they were put in cloth bags for about two weeks to drain them of water and making them less bitter. At the end of the process, they are thoroughly washed and put in jars with olive oil in order […]