Plate with Greek ‘Sofrito’ made from beef coated in flour served with French fries

Sofrito is a traditional recipe found in the Ionian Islands, and is a classic dish of Corfu. Its name is derived from “so fritto”, means “braised”, and comes from the era of Venetian rule. Sofrito is made from beef coated in flour and then braised in oil with three ingredients, vinegar, garlic and parsley, that […]


Close-up of glass with Transparent Greek ‘Souma’ is a colorless alcoholic beverage produced by the distillation of grapes

Souma is a colorless alcoholic beverage produced by the distillation of grape marc from wineries, and was offered in the past in many islands of the Aegean as a treat to welcome visitors. It is a traditional drink of Rhodes, Paros and other islands of the central and eastern Aegean. The visitor was always greeted […]

Soutzouk loukoum

Cut in half of Salami of ‘Soutzouk loukoum’ is Turkish delight

When loukoumi was first made in Istanbul, it was called rahatul hulkum, meaning “that which relieves the larynx”. Loukoumi came from the corruption of this name of the sweet which Anglo-Saxons call ‘Turkish delight’. In Greece, the art of making Turkish delight arrived from Istanbul in the first decades of the 19th century. Over the years, […]

Soutzouki - Gastronomy Tours

The Turkish name sucuk has been adopted largely unmodified by other languages in the region. Soutzouki consists of ground meat (usually beef or lamb), black pepper, Aleppo pepper, whole garlic cloves, red pepper powder, and cumin are added to the meat before it is ground. The ground meat is allowed to rest for approximately 24 […]

Soutzouki of Kymi

Greek ‘Soutzouki of Kymi’, sweet rolls covered with syrup with walnuts or almonds hanging from metal hooks

Kymi-style soutzouki with walnuts or almonds are a traditional regional sweet offered to the bride by her in-laws. The walnuts or almonds are sewn together by hand, requiring that the kokosses, as the nuts are called in the local dialect, are carefully shelled. The shelled nuts are soaked in water to soften and expand them […]


Greek ‘souvlaki’ means chunks of meat are cut evenly and skewered on wooden stick and then grilled

Souvlaki is served largely in restaurants that specialize in it. Chunks of meat are cut evenly and skewered on wooden stick, called a kalamaki, or on small metal spit, and then grilled. It is a fast food found at outdoor celebrations and Greek festivals. The chunks of meat can be pork or chicken, and are […]