Paskitan cheese

It is a cheese of Pontian tradition and is produced from semi-skimmed cow’s milk. Tan is the liquid that remains after the butter is removed, after beating, of the milk. Tan is then placed in canvas bags and pressed (baski = pressure) to drain and give the Paskitan. It is a soft cheese, without salt, […]


Pieces of Greek ‘pasteli’ , a sweet made of sesame and honey like superfoods bar, on top of each other

A sweet made of sesame and honey, healthy and nutritionally very beneficial. Calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamins are just some of the nutrients contained in this extremely simple, traditional concoction. Pasteli has its roots in antiquity and has dedicated fans even today. It is well-known that honey was a basic sweetener for the ancient […]


Greek ‘Pastitsada’, cooked Fettuccine pasta with chicken with tomato sauce

Pastitsada is a dish that is welcome at the dinner table year-round. A strikingly delicious Corfiot food, it originated in medieval Verona.  Although pastistada is visually similar to kokkinisto, the intensity of its flavor puts it on a completely different level, while its way of preparation differs radically. It is the very definition of a […]


plate with pastitseto a sweet from Kythira

Pastitseto is one of the most authentic and old Kytherian sweets, requiring the finest ingredients: vanilla, butter, quince jam. The dessert has a unique flavor and texture that makes it a popular treat among locals and visitors alike. To make pastitseto, the ingredients are combined and heated over low heat until they form a smooth, […]


Pastitsio - Gastronomy Tours

The name pastitsio (pasticcio in Italian) was adopted at the end of the 17th century in neighboring Italy and came to Greece during the Venetian rule of the Ionian islands. Pastitsio can be served as a first course, but also as a gratifying main course. Macaroni, minced meat with lightly condensed tomato juice and béchamel […]


Slices of Greek ‘pasto’, smoked meat in the fireplace infused with the aromatic herbs and drying than

Pasto means “salt-preserved meat”. The lack of refrigeration in earlier times meant that people, faced with having to deal with large quantities of meat, had to invent methods for its preservation. Shortly before or after Christmas, swine were traditionally slaughtered, skinned and chopped into smaller pieces, followed by being salted and left for a few […]


Slices of Greek ‘Pastourma’ is a highly seasoned, air-dried cured beef

Pastourma is a highly seasoned, air-dried cured beef. It is usually made from water buffalo or beef, but other meats can also be used. Different cuts of meat may be used; a single cow can produce 26 different “types” of pastourma. Fillet, shank, leg and shoulder cuts are used for the best quality pastourma. It […]