Mileiko pelte

Greek ‘Mileiko pelte’, tomato paste, on slices of bread

Mileiko pelte is tomato paste from the island of Milos, where tomato paste is made from the cherry tomatoes grown on the island which are locally called Santorini or Russian […]


Greek ‘Milinakia’, small fried pies with cheese

Milinakia aka tiropita. The name used in the Thracian dialect for cheese pita is milina and, accordingly, milinakia are small bits of pita considered to be a treat, especially for […]


Greek ‘mizithra’ cheese, soft, snow-white mass which is mellow, creamy and moist

Mizithra melts on the tongue and fills the mouth with its mellow sweetness. A traditional, unpasteurized fresh cheese made with milk and whey from sheep and/or goats (typically with a […]


Greek ' Mizithropitakia', small fried pies cheese

At the start of the pre-Lenten carnival, the season of mizithropita (large pies made in a baking pan) and mizithropitakia (small, individual portions) commences in Crete. It is a carnival […]