malaka cheese

It is the cheese mass that comes from the first stage of making graviera cheese. It is elastic and homogenous, and is used exclusively for pitas and mainly for Chania’s unique tart. It is called soft cheese, or sometimes tiromalama, and is the cheese, as the locals say, that smells of Easter. It is among the most traditional ingredients […]


A piece of ‘malebi’ a milk pudding and garnish with whipped and dusting of cinnamon

Malebi or Muhallebi It’s a delicious Middle Eastern milk pudding that comes together using just 4 ingredients and about 10 minutes. It is super popular in many Arabic countries, as well as Turkey where it is called “Muhallebi”. Served in small cups and garnished beautifully, Mahalabia is an ancient Middle Eastern dessert. You can either […]