Close-up of Greek ‘Macarounes’ long pasta, like thin Italian tagliatelle served with minced meat and grated cheese on top

The macarounes are a fresh traditional pasta of the Dodecanese islands, found mainly in Kasos, Karpathos and Kalymnos. They are often made in the shape of long pasta, like thin […]

Macedonian halva

Close-up of Greek ‘Macedonian halva’

The refugees that arrived in Greece and settled in the northern Greek region of Macedonia after the destruction of the city of Smyrna (modern-day Izmir in Turkey) in 1922, started […]


Close-up of Greek ‘Maggiri’ food means thick pasta soup served, topped with lots of cheese

Maggiri is a traditional Cretan pasta associated with the difficult years of poverty on the island of Crete. It was the ideal option for feeding an entire family economically. It […]


Close-up of plate with Greek ‘Magiritsa’ is soup cooked with vegetables, dill, lamb offal and rice

Magiritsa is a traditional soup that is consumed on the night of Good Saturday, after the Resurrection. It is the first dish containing meat after the Lenten fasting. It is […]


Close-up of Greek ‘Makarina’ food means pasta like lasagna cooked with tomatoes sauce

Makarina is a handmade macaroni that is part of the culinary tradition of the people of the Pontus (today’s northeast Turkey), a Greek community that used to live there since […]

Makarouni skioufichta

Close-up of Greek ‘Makarouni skioufichta’ food like Gemelli pasta cooked with tomatoes sauce

Makarouni skioufichta is a fresh Cretan pasta that housewives prepare at home in the traditional way. The skioufichta or sioufichta pasta, as the dish is locally called, is not made […]


Close-up of two rows of round Greek ‘Malaka’ soft cheeses

It is the cheese mass that comes from the first stage of making graviera cheese. It is elastic and homogenous, and is used exclusively for pitas and mainly for Chania’s unique tart. It is […]


A piece of ‘malebi’ a milk pudding and garnish with whipped and dusting of cinnamon

Malebi or Muhallebi It’s a delicious Middle Eastern milk pudding that comes together using just 4 ingredients and about 10 minutes. It is super popular in many Arabic countries, as […]


Close-up of ‘mandolato’ or ‘nougat’ with almonds split in two

Mandolato is a typical Venetian sweet. During the reign of the Venetians in parts of Greece, it was the favorite sweet of the aristocracy. Its name derives from the Italian […]


Close-up of red ‘Mandoles’ means caramelized baked almonds

Mandoles are caramelized baked almonds that are traditionally made in the Ionian Islands. They got their name from the Italian word mandorla, which means ‘almond’. On the island of Cephalonia, […]


Close-up of round Greek ‘Manoura’ soft cheeses on wooden shelve

The manoura cheese is made from whole milk (sheep and / or goat) which coagulates and its curd is placed in baskets (tirovolia) to drain. Fresh manoura is called “chloromanoura”, […]


Close-up of round pieces of Greek ‘Manouri’ soft white table-cheese

Manouri is a traditional Greek soft white table-cheese that is firm and without skin. It originated in ancient times. It belongs to the category of soft cheeses produced in the […]