The Authentic Big Blue

Hold your breath and dive into the big blue…

In autumn of 2017 we “revived” the legendary film “LE GRAND BLEU” ( “THE BIG BLUE” ) by organizing, in Amorgos, a unique event; an international free-diving tournament, the Authentic Big Blue; at the location where the most memorable scenes of the film were shot, scenes that created unique feelings.

The second ABB tournament was organized in September 2018 and it was an anniversary event since it was 30 years after the release of “Le Grand Bleu “ film. The 3rd event will be held from 22 – 28 of September 2019 and will be focused on the divers who honor us with their presence every year.

Inspired by the magical blue, with the aura of the island and the unique awe-inspiring landscape on our side; this year we create a special, sporting and tourist experience.

Amorgos & Mikres Kyklades Gastronomy Week

This year during the Gastronomy week we will explore and experience the culture of the monastic food and cuisine of Amorgos. The unprecedented simplicity and authenticity. They say you can’t understand the monastic culture without understanding the monastic food. Cooking and eating are in a sense spiritual matters and are both a work of love and a substantive offering. The best ingredient that puts flavor in the monastic cuisine is the love monks put into their cooking every day of the year and especially during the religion fests.

The diet of the monks is governed by the fasting rules of the Eastern Orthodox Church. The goods produced by farming are used to feed not only the monks themselves but also pilgrims visiting the monasteries. With the culinary skills, imagination and generous “portion” of love, the cook is obliged to lift the weight and relieve the aggravation of the fasting that must be observed by the monks.

This year Gastronomy Week will be dedicated to monastic food. We will have the honor of visiting for lunch AGIA PARASKEVI MONASTERY, CHOZOVIOTISSA MONASTERY, and PANOCHORIANI MONASTERY. The monks will cook for us and they will have the chance to present a mix of their everyday cuisine and the fest’s meals. We will taste traditional plates like Patatato, kofto, xydato and many other “divine” local tastes.

Alongside with the monastery cuisine, we will have the honor to host the famous chef Alexandros Papandreou who will cook for us and of course, we’ll organize for a 3rd year in a row the wine fest with the participation of wineries from all over Greece. What not to be missed are also the highlight of the Gastronomy Week, the dinner in the abandoned village of Asfondylitis where everything is prepared in the wood oven and additionally the authentic Amorgian breakfast where everything is “salted” by the Big Blue Sea.

Location: Amorgos, Cyclades (Greece)
Dates: Sunday, September 22, 2019, to Saturday, September 28, 2019


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