84th Thessaloniki International Fair

Entrepreneurship, innovation and culture

The 84th TIF from September 7th to 15th, 2019, carries on the tradition that connects with entrepreneurship and extroversion, while at the same time it celebrates innovation and international culture, enhancing the international profile of the organization.

Στολισμός πόλης για 84η ΔΕΘ

Thessaloniki International Fair, organized since 1926, is considered the “mother” of all exhibitions in Greece and is the largest exhibition event of the country and the Balkans with B2B, B2C, and B2G organizational features. Focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation, TIF promotes the Greek economy and is a valuable tool for promoting and achieving trade cooperation, mainly on the wider region of Southeast Europe.

At the same time, it is a nursery for the development of new thematic exhibitions and other events, with an international character. This year the TIF welcomes India as the Honored Country, an emerging economic and investment superpower and at the same time one of the largest markets in the world. Representatives from all over the country, as well as prominent companies from the world market, are participating in the event, adding to its international character.

A number of side events are organized during the TIF, aiming to present products, services, and innovative ideas to the public.

Symposiums, workshops, discussions, demonstrations, and shows are included and add to the event daily.

TIF music concerts, add to the festive vibe and welcome thousands of visitors, young and old! Every night at 9.30 pm, on the stage (gate across YMCA).

See here the full schedule of all events below.

Source: thessalonikifair.gr

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